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Imli Chuteny

Antioxidant-rich | High in vitamin C



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Indians are well accustomed to the famous “imli ki chutney.” It is an integral part of our cuisine and serves sweet and tangy taste to various dishes. When it comes to a burst of flavor, there are many different types of chutneys made in India. One of the most loved chutneys, Tamarind Chutney is mainly made with the powder of tamarind . It is a step further from the regular imli ki chutney as it is extremely rich in taste and nutrients.

Ingredients :- Instant Imli chutney typically contains tamarind pulp, sugar/jaggery, spices (such as cumin, black salt, chili powder), water, and salt. These ingredients are combined to create a ready-to-use condiment with a tangy-sweet flavor.

Key Ingredients

• Improves immunity:- The nutrients and antioxidants present in tamarind strengthen the immunity of our body. The antiseptic properties present in tamarind fight off the bacteria and viruses that cause diseases.
• Heart-healthy:- The properties in tamarind reduce the bad cholesterol and controls the blood pressure which helps in the normal functioning of the heart. It lowers the risk of heart disease and heart attack which is why it is considered heart-healthy.
• Great for skin and hair:- Tamarind proves very beneficial in maintaining skin and hair health. It moisturizes skin and keeps it firm. It is a great anti-aging agent and boosts skin elasticity. It also improves hair quality by reducing hair fall and maintaining the pH level of the scalp.
• Controls Diabetes:- Eating tamarind helps to control the glucose levels that suddenly spike up after meals. It promotes insulin sensitivity in diabetic patients and overall helps in lowering blood sugar. People who suffer from diabetes should ingrain tamarind in their diet with the date and tamarind chutney.


• Treats Cough
• Promotes Weight Loss
• Boosts Digestion
• Alleviates Acidity
• Regulates Period
• Beats Anaemia
• Clears Intestinal Worms



4 reviews for Imli Chuteny

  1. simran

    Imli chutney is absolutely delightful! Its tangy and sweet flavor adds a burst of taste to any dish.

  2. Kavita Shahane

    Traditional taste with a modern twist! Imli Chutney adds a burst of flavors to my dishes.”

  3. Sachin Rane

    Imli Chutney brings back childhood memories of enjoying spicy treats with a hint of sweetness

  4. Aishwarya Paranjape

    Authentic Indian taste in a bottle! Imli Chutney is my go-to dip for snacks and meals.

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