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Upwas Dhokla Mix

Gluten-free | Nutrient-rich | Light and Digestible



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Upwas dhokla mix is typically free from gluten-containing grains like wheat. Upwas dhokla mix usually includes ingredients like rajgira and sabudana, both of which are high in carbohydrates. Depending on the specific blend of ingredients, upwas dhokla mix can be a source of various nutrients. Upwas Dhokla Mix is the ready powder which can be used to prepare delicious dhokla and khamang for upwas.

Ingredients :- Bhagar, Rajgira, Sabudana, Salt, Sugar ,Citric Acid and Rising ageent (500ii).


6 reviews for Upwas Dhokla Mix

  1. Ritham

    Good quality flour

  2. Maithili Patwardhan

    Delicious and quick to make. Perfect for fasting days. Upwas Dhokla Mix is a must-try!

  3. Mihir Gandhi

    Tasty and light, this Dhokla Mix made my Upwas special. Loved the authentic flavor

  4. Nachiket Karnik

    Convenient and yummy! Upwas Dhokla Mix saved my time and satisfied my cravings

  5. Namrata Godbole

    Authentic taste, just like homemade. Upwas Dhokla Mix is now my favorite fasting snack

  6. Nilesh Wagle

    A delightful treat during Upwas! Upwas Dhokla Mix made fasting so much tastier and easier

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