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Upwas Idli Mix

Easy to digest | Proteins, fibers, vitamins



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Bhagar is added in Upwas Idli mix which is naturally gluten-free making it an excellent alternative for individuals with gluten intolerance or celiac disease. Sabudana is also added in upwas idli mix which is easily digestible. It is specifically designed for consumption during fasting periods, adhering to the dietary restrictions and requirements of certain cultural practices. Upwas idli mix offers a versatile option for making idlis during fasting periods. Upwas Idli  Mix is the ready Powder which can be used to prepare delicious Idly for Upwas.

Ingredients:- Bhagar , Sabudana , Salt , Sugar , Citric Acid and Rising ageent (500ii).  


6 reviews for Upwas Idli Mix

  1. suchi

    Geetarth gives good products. I have already used so many products from this company.

  2. Sahil Limaye

    Authentic Upwas Idli Mix that satisfies cravings during fasting. It’s a winner for its authentic taste and hassle-free cooking.

  3. Samarth Dalvi

    Tasty and convenient Upwas Idli Mix. Enjoyed the traditional flavors during Navratri fasting, a must-try for all

  4. Sanika Raut

    Loved the Upwas Idli Mix! Made fasting days more enjoyable with its lip-smacking taste and simple cooking process

  5. Sayali Kelkar

    Upwas Idli Mix made my fasting days delightful! Quick preparation and delightful flavors, highly recommended for everyone

  6. Shailesh Samant

    Delicious and easy to make Upwas Idli Mix! Perfect for fasting days, loved the fluffy texture and authentic taste

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