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Upwas Bhajani Mix

Gluten-free | Digestive | Nutritious



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Upwas bhajni is rich in complex carbohydrates, which provide a slow and sustained release of energy. This can help keep you energized and satiated during fasting periods.The combination of different flours in upwas bhajni provides a range of nutrients.Upwas bhajni often includes ingredients like singhara atta, which is believed to have a cooling effect on the body and be gentle on the digestive system. This can be beneficial during fasting when certain digestive sensitivities may arise. Upwas bhajni can be used to make a variety of dishes during fasting periods. Its authentic & quick upwas snacks recipes. Prepared with good quality ingredients. Kids also love it. Upwas Bhajani Flour  is the ready Powder which can be used to prepare delicious Thalipith , upama ,  Puri etc. for Upwas. Ready in easy steps, 100 percent

Ingredients :-  Sago, Samo Seeds (Varai) Amaranth (Raigira), Red Chili, Common Salt Cumin seeds


7 reviews for Upwas Bhajani Mix

  1. Ramesh

    Good quality

  2. admin


  3. Kaustubh Apte

    The best Upwas Bhajani Mix I’ve tried! Loved the texture and taste. Will buy again for sure!

  4. Kalyani More

    Traditional taste in every bite. Upwas Bhajani Mix made fasting enjoyable and delightful!

  5. Ketan Karkhanis

    Great quality, aromatic blend of grains. Satisfied my cravings during Upwas. Highly recommended

  6. Madhav Shirodkar

    Loved the Upwas Bhajani Mix! Quick and hassle-free preparation. Tasted just like homemade

  7. Komal Desai

    Delicious and authentic flavor, perfect for fasting days. Easy to use and made my Upwas special

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