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Sabudana Flour



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Sabudana Flour: Its authentic & quik upwas snacks recipes. Prepared with good quality ingredients.Upwas Sabudana Flour is ready powder which can use to prepared delicious Puri,Pakoda,Paratha,kachori etc. Sabudana is almost pure carbs .It is naturally gluten free and suitable for those on grain free diets. It provides antioxident .It helps for improving exercise performance. Sabudana is rich in carbohydrates, which are the body’s primary source of energy. Consuming sabudana can provide a quick and sustained energy boost, making it suitable for individuals during fasting or when needing a quick source of energy. Sabudana is believed to enhance the absorption of nutrients in the body. In Ayurveda, sabudana is considered a cooling food that can help soothe the stomach and reduce acidity.

Ingredients / Composition :- Sabudana